I want to buy a verified PokerStars Canadian account


I'm living in country wich gambling is not allowed and so the PokerStars client is not working here and I can't open account.

The only way users are playing is with an already verified account with vpn.

Does someone here have unused account wich already pass the verification process? (I'd, address etc)
Or can someone open new account for me?

I'm willing to pay for it.


  • i wont million
  • They won't let you play from Tel Aviv? While that is true, using a VPN will only get your account locked and any funds frozen. If any of us here gave (or sold) you an account we would also be breaking the T's and C's so would also get our accounts seized.
    You will have to create one yourself by going to a country where you can create one and take the risk yourself. No one here is going to..
    Maybe move to a free country like Canada?
  • compuease wrote: »
    Maybe move to a free country like Canada?
    I wish..

    How did you know I'm from Israel?..

    I alrady play for a while with my friend account with vpn, until he decided to play himself again :-(
    Also I know other people here doing it. instead of withdrawing the money they selling it to other users want to deposit.

    I agree with you about the risk of giving account to me if you still playing, but I think maybe there are people here moved to another poker software that still have unused stars account, or knowing someone who stop playing online.
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