Sunday Grind BAP

Hey Guys,

Been a while and I thought I would come back on here hopefully with a bang. I am going to do a sunday grind on stars today and am looking to sell some of my action. You may buy individual tournaments or a package.

I am playing the following:

$215 sunday warmup (selling ends at 2:30) Selling ended *busted 72nd for $564
Bigger $109 (selling ends at 2:30) Selling ended *cashed for $200
Bounty builder $109 (selling ends at 3:00) Selling ended *busted
$215 Sunday Million (selling ends at 4:00) Selling ended *busted
$215 sunday million 2nd bullet *cashed $334

I may also add some other tournaments to if I bust any of these and will update here, but i will give any backers first notification of any other games I am going to play first.

I am selling at 1.02% markup as well as 1.23 exchange rate for cad to usd.

Anyone interested can let me know and I will book it, and will send etransfer info or stars id for transfer.

I am only going to sell 15% total maximum and will sell in 1% increments or 5% or 10%.

Let me know if there is any interest and if not I understand. This is last minute.

Lets goooo


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