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I finally graduated from university of Waterloo, took me 6 years to do it. TBH its as good as toilet paper, I studied biomedical science and my parents really wanted me to be a doctor, it didn’t help that I was good in biology. I almost got kicked out once which lit a fire under my ass, that I became a TA for a 3rd year Histology class the next term. That fire quickly burned down, and I barely graduated. I simply didn’t enjoy it.

Thankfully I had my best year in poker (2017) and I invested a bunch early this year in cryptocurrencies and it did well. Fortunately, I don’t spend much on anything and I have all the time now to figure out what I want to do. I want this to be a thread for PFCers to follow my poker, crypto and get fit life.

If there are three things I enjoy, they would be crushing MTTs, following cryptotech and teaching people about it, and get back to my old shredded body and get back to MMA, so that’s what I am going to do.

I decided to stay at my parent’s house because I don’t know anyone in Mississauga and have tunnel vision focus on my goals. Also, not paying for rent/food is a bonus. I’m going to have a 4 month goal and adjust it to a year goal after I see how things go.

Poker: Bankroll: 4.5k, 1.5k split on party,888 and stars. Will add more if needed.
I’d like to play every single day, but that’s unrealistic so probably 105/120 days. I usually 5 table and average 12-18 MTTs a day. I’m aiming for 1.5k MTTs in 4 months. As for $ goals, that’s a tough one because, well donkaments. I’d be happy with $15k for first 4 months. I will post deep runs, LOL hands and some hand analysis from time to time. Also, I’d like to stream on YouTube when I run deep but I’m not sure how that would go. A PFC exclusive channel would be cool so you guys could rail while I am deep.

Cryptocurrencies, oh baby Jesus, the future is here. I’ve been balls deep into it and I can’t stop reading and trying to figure it out. I will try to post about a topic about a new technology/solution and cool updates in the cryptocurrency world. Keep in mind I have no background in computer science and I have no idea about the coding. Please don’t ask about investing advice or future of any coin. If I can predict the future, I’d have better things to do. Your guess is as good as mine. If you have any questions regarding how to get started or want me to send you some links to learn about blockchain, I’m happy to help.

Get fit: Right now I am a fat fuck weighing 230 and the goal is to get to 175. This will take a while, maybe over a year to get done. I don’t want to follow a diet in particular, just eat less, eat healthy, not stuffing my face with burgers and ice creams etc.. as well as train MMA and jog. I trained MMA when I was younger 8-10 years ago and I loved it and want to get back into it. I enjoy watching the UFC so I might post a bit about that here and there. I was looking for a MMA gym and I found Elite MMA in Mississauga, anyone trained there? Or any insight on better MMA gyms?

- My parents are okay with this, thank the lord i took my mom to party-poker millions, that helped. :D

Merry Christmas everyone.


  • Congrats on graduating.

    3-4k per month is ok to start but you'll need a lot more to enjoy life in the gta.

    Getting back in shape is a great idea. Better to do it while you are young 😎

    Good luck with your goals. I'm looking forward to your updates

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  • I’ve had the OP on word for a while, and I wasn’t sure if I should share it or just keep it as a journal to myself, but people here have helped me with poker here and are nice I decided to share. Except you trigs, F.U trigs :p
    I’ve been grinding away since the 22nd and played everyday so far. I know ill get burnt out as some point and then ill take a 2-3 day rest and get back at it. This is my strategy so far.

    Poker results:
    I’ve only played on party and 888 so far since I don’t like playing more than 5 tables at once.
    72 MTTS on party and 16 on 888.
    I won 2 Playground sattys for 200cad cash each, these are awesome, and I’ve done well at it. Also it’s the same 30 people every night so it creates some history and leveling. Got a 3rd for $50 too
    3 FTs on partys, 4th and 6th in 11$ PKOs and 9th in $11 turbo
    1 FT on 888, 5$ Rebuy/Addon
    HM2 is being laggy and doesn’t register bounties as well as doesn’t work on mac so I’ll be getting PT4 and use my mac soon.
    Profit so far. +525 cad on party and -150 usd on 888.

    Hand review: what would you on the turn, if you bet how much, and whats the plan if he jams?
    I’ll post what I think in a couple days.

    Hand 1.png
  • Alright, lets go. I'm sort of at the same roll as you right now with somewhat similar goals. Maybe we can work together a bit sometime, good luck and lets talk more later

    About the hand I probably check back flop and as played I think it's close between jamming and checking turn. That board is heaven for his range and we're even blocking his bluffs so if you jam you're saying you want specifically KJs to get the fuck out of there. We're obviously never betting turn with the intention to fold, and also never betting less than 60% pot on the turn if we do bet, possibly closer 80-110% pot if we're both deep since we're sorta assuming he's capped and we're not
  • Hand review:

    My range in Ep at 17bbs is A9ss+. ATo+,kJo+, JTss+ and 44+ for pairs. I don’t open A9ss and ATo 100% of the time. (depending on table)

    With Pairs 99s and under on this board im checking flop and trying to get to show down so I don’t have any of them, I also check 2nd pair and 3rd pair. Unless I improve..

    SB range vs EP is heavily Broadway, Ax and pairs tts and under. I think jjs would 3 bet more often than not. This board is going to hit him often.

    When we get to the turn after I c bet, I have AQ,KQ,AK, all 2 pair suited combos and sets and Ax flushdraws. I want to split my hands where if I have a lockdown hands I’d bet 15k with AK, QQ,JJ, because I’m not worried much IP. Also bet 15k with AA,KK,AQ,KQ so I can keep the betting aggression so I get a cheap check back on river. Also betting 15k gives a perfect 2/3rd bet size on river to gii with lockdown hands or if improve on the river.

    With hands more vulnerable I’d bet 30k leaving a half pot behind. This way I can protect them also get value because there would be a lot of river I don’t want to see. 8,9,k,q,diamonds. TT and 2 pairs.

    Now flush draw, I only have AKdd, ATdd A9dd, KTdd. AKdd. I have 2 options bet 15k or 30k.
    I think a 15k bet to balance with lockdown hands which allowed a 2/3rd bet gii on river to have more fold equity would be better.

    Conclusion: simply on how I have divided my range I’d bet 15k and jam 2/3rd on all rivers.
    I do like checking and from an exploitative play its prob better because more often than not the sb is not folding on that blank turn but if I do check then 1)I’m going to have to add a checking range 2)its not best to check value on turn since I would have a 2x pot by river and I can’t gii that easily. 3)Also not sure what to do if I don’t hit, just give up?

    Result: I did check in this spot and hit the nut flush, the guy had an 8 high flush and he bet, I jammed he called. Got lucky there.
  • For me I'm not opening A9 or KJo in this position pre and I'm probably jamming QJs-KQs as well as 55-99 pre. This means I pretty much never have any bluffs on this exact flop so for that reason it could make sense to cbet this hand since we don't have many other hands we want to bluff but I think I still like this hand as a flop check. With your ranges I think you can maybe cbet something like 44-66 and A9 without diamonds as bluffs and be fine checking back A9dd.

    Also on the turn I don't see a whole lot of merit in using sizes this small when our range is so strong on a board where lots of villains hands will be able to continue, I think that costs us value from a bunch of draws and no hands besides maybe AKdd exist where you would be super sad if he folded turn
  • it's been a great week. from a poker perspective i went on a huge down swing, around 80 buyins at 9 ABI but i got it all back and more the last 2 days. Made 2 fts today 7th and 2nd and few final 2 tables as well as binked a couple 109 tickets yesterday. Up about 600 cad all around right now. I only had 3 days off since the 22nd of December and played every day for 9+ hours, i feel great and really enjoying it.

    Poker is not dead, this is a jokes hand from a 109 today. I lasted 1 hand. Yep 109 buy-in

    Edit: its 3 handed because i just regged as break was ending and usually party puts new registrations on same table. Oh and I turn the world :( never lucky.

    I was born into a Muslim family, and my brother is pretty religious. My sleep schedule is GTO so i wake up at 6am, which is around dawn prayers and my brother goes to the Mosque. I'm far from religious, quite the opposite but it felt good for some reason to go so I went and it also made my brother happy which was a bonus. Later that day, my brother and I went to MMA Elite gym to check it out and train Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. The place isn't fancy at all, just regular mats, boxing bags and a ring, the people were really nice and I loved it although every inch of my body is still aching. The membership is quite expensive at $120 a month so its not really worth it unless you will be going 3+ times a week. The cool thing is you get a week pass to try other forms such as Muay Thai etc..
    I'm going tomorrow to train and will probably get the membership so gotta bink some more tournys.

    some poker goals i want to add:
    - become #1 in Waterloo on pocketfives rankings, currently 4th.
    - break 2k profit by end of Jan
    - win a package/seat on party by end of Feb.
  • Put you on 94??????? Nice to see you came out ahead of that DS. GLGL sniper!
  • Snips
  • Update on poker:

    I've played every single day since my last post. I've had some very close deep runs that didn't go my way with some huge flips that can make or break the session. I've had an absurd number of final 2 tables over 15 of them.

    Some poker stats:
    143 MTTs on 888, 217 MTTs on party. Total: 360.
    11 Final tabes 5fts on party, 6 fts on 888. average position 5.73 <-- need to improve this a lot.
    This doesn't include satty tickets, live event tickets etc...
    Total $$: -120 on party, -140 on 888 (excluding tickets live seat etc..)
    - I won my first live seat yesterday, the 1k at playground running in 12 days or so and will go to play it. Is anyone going?
    - I have a leak that i need to fix, which is when i'm a short stack at final 2-4 tables i need to loosen up more and when im a top stack i need to tighten up. I'm not sure if its that simple but will adjust and see how it goes.
    - playing every day showed me how hard it is to be an online mtt grinder, you need to have very good results everyday just to break-even on buy-ins let alone profit. I'll get there and crush soon.

    I knew how icm works, but never plugged any hands before. I downloaded Icmizer and plugged a hand to see if my implementation was correct.
    - here is the hand. its 4 handed at ft, 4th 150, 3rd, 210, 2nd 280, 1st 395.
    icm spot 1.png

    icm solution1.png

    you can see how absurd it is having a big stack and jamming into a medium stack. The only +$ev call is with AA giving him a up to a 31% jam range! thats all Ax, all pocket pairs, all Broadway hands.
  • Wow. Crazy. Would have never thought to fold AK there. I assume you called right?

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  • No folded, i actually folded twice with AK at 4 handed :(
  • sn1perb0y wrote: »
    No folded, i actually folded twice with AK at 4 handed :(


    Did you plug these types of hands into icmizer before your session or something? I don't I ever find a fold in game. Hard to say i guess. Maybe of a massive 109 main event final table.

    Was this guy just straight ripping in 40bb's (your eff stack bvb), like open jamming?
  • yea preflop, the guy jammed on button and the previous hand. I've seen folds like this in final table replays so i thought it was correct. This was the first time i actually plugged it.

    Yes he abusing ICM pretty hard, he was open jamming every 3 hands or so.
  • I'm guessing that situation changes massively if you swapped stacks with the 4th place guy, but nothing else changed. Would you mind showing that screen shot? You're stuck behind the big stack, but ahead of smaller stacks so it's just not worth getting it in, even if you're ahead 60-40.
  • Yea, if I am the shortest stack, there is no ICM implications. I will call with my range that is ahead of his jam range, Something like 88+ AJo+ ATss.

    The problem is if we call, say we are ahead 70% of the range, we lose $ 30% of the time, but we can guarantee increase in $ if we just wait till the shortest stack busts or we become the shortest and the situation changes. It gets very tricky when we are similar stacks. Also the chip leader is way ahead in chip-stack that doubling up doesn't significantly increase my % of getting 1st place which makes it more of a fold.

    I posted 2 screenshots a couple posts up, i'm not sure which screenshot you are referring to.
  • Yes, sorry, I worded that poorly. Would you mind inputting that into ICMizer and taking a screen shot of the result? If you're in 4th place instead of 2nd, I expect the calling range to be even wider than that - probably any pair, any ace, any king.
  • I just swapped stacks with the shortest stack, my range was very close. Apparently i should be even tighter giving the guy a 29% jam range.

    icm solution 2.jpg

    sorry for the weird pic, i had my monitor on.
  • That's interesting. Thanks for following up.
  • Got to MTL on Thursday, nothing happened online recently other than I won an extra seat to the main event and sold it at playground. I played day 1b today, late regged at the 4th level, quickly won a few pots to get to 220k ( 100k starting stack) kept yoyoing between 160k and 320k. Won a huge pot with aq vs kk all in pre and sucked out. Bagged at 265k. Been doing well at 2/5 until today, thought I'd sit, eat maybe win a few pots and call it a night. Yet, Got destroyed for 900. At least I ate for free. Will update on day 2. Gl me
  • Good luck in the tournament.
  • Good luck man
  • I had the scariest day of my life in Montreal. A bit of a back story, I rented an airbnb in chateauguay in the basement of a house. The place was really bad, the room was a sauna, it was a ski trip to get to the main door.
    I started sleeping on the couch outside the room because i would sweat profusely when sleeping in the room.
    I finished day 1, bagged and tagged and played a bit of cash game and got home. I had a day off before day 2 starts. I woke up the morning after day 1, really sick, I couldn't move from the bed. Alone in some stranger's house in the middle of nowhere with high fever. Both my parents were away to Dubai for some work too. I ordered some soup togo and stayed home. I was puking all night and it was horrible, i stayed in bed for 32 hours.

    Day 2 was on the 29th, I was planning to fly back to Mississauga after the end of day 2, because on the 30th at 7:30am i had my citizenship test, and would fly back if I bag and tagged on day 2. I ordered a cab, morning of day 2, went to the drug store bought cough syrup, Advil, etc.. and went to playground. It was a nightmare, i was sweating, got hot tea and I looked like a zombie.

    Obviously i get the worst seat at the table, never lucky, with the biggest stack on my immediate left. The first hand i played blinds 1.5k/3k, Co opens to 7k, sb has 65k, calls i make it 24k with A5ss. Co folds and 99% of the time i except sb to just fold and not put half his stack and call, or maybe jam. Nope he calls. Flop 226hh, i bet 12k he calls, turn Kh, he lead jams$%##^$^%%$@???? I fold...

    I open J9hh from MP and get jammed on I fold and lost a few small pots here and there.

    Biggest pot I lost was at 2k/4k blinds i open to 8k from utg with 88s, a french young woman makes it 16k from the button, we are at 200k eff, similar stacks. I call. Flop kk6dd, i check she bets 34k which is huge on this board, although her hand is super nutted from her size pre, the flop size threw me off, i called. Turn 6, I check, she bets 40k i call. This was a huge mistake, should probably let it go on flop, if not for sure on the turn but i leveled my self, i called. River T, I check she bets about 80k I fold.

    The next level, I gii with Ak vs JJ for 25bbs and lose, grab my stuff and go to the airport, book the earliest flight which was delayed for 4 hours and I finally get home.

    i took about 8 days off, and got back on the grind today. Partypoker announced a new tournament today called daily major, so I gave it a shot $55 PKo, and i got 3rd for 550ish with 450 in bounties. I really love partypoker, Hopefully I can be a microstakes Partypoker online pro. That would be awesome.

    Also won a $220 ticket for the power weekend miniseries in playground. I will be playing day 1 online and go if i get to day 2. I think its on the 22nd of feb.
  • Holy, crazy story man. Had no idea it was that bad. Glad to hear your ok and made it back alive though. Nice score in the PKO. those trny's are the devil though. Getting anything but first hurts so bad.
  • wow that's a pretty crazy story. Glad your alright. Keep up that grind bro!
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    You are already a member, just let us know a little about yourself and be active on the forum. Welcome to the forum :)
  • I can still get to the site through sniperboys quote post..... WAHHHOOOOO WEEEEEEED
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  • I won a seat to the $220 power weekend in playground. Played day 1B, and got my stack from 25k to a lousy 30k. Didn't really want to post about it since I was most likely going to bust my 10bbs early on day 2. I'm sitting at 950k right now with 35 left. Wildest run ever. 4 more hours left on the day.
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