Royal date has to change from Nov 4th

compueasecompuease Administrator
Apparently my contact has made a mistake, Nov 4th was already booked for a wedding reception so we have to pick another date quickly, how about Nov 11th? I know it's Remembrance Day but we can do a minutes silence at 11:00 if desired. I tried to suggest the wedding guests could enter a team or two but she didn't think that would fly..


  • moosemoose alces alces
    nov 11 is likely the annual trip to Louisville so half my team would be gone.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    How about Nov 18 or Oct 28th then? Speak up captains....
  • DrTyoreDrTyore It's phonetic!
    Considering my team is usually slapped together with randos,

    I'm okay with most any date....

  • moosemoose alces alces
    I have no opinion until I know the dates for Louisville.
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    Ok now there are no Saturdays available in Oct (all weddings) then Xmas parties in November. How about a Sunday date then?

    To be honest I'm getting kinda tired of this effort...
  • djgolfcandjgolfcan Flop smasher
    why not wait until next spring then ?
  • WolffhoundWolffhound Flop smasher
    I do appreciate the effort Jeff.

    I'd say yes to either the Oct or Nov 18th date.
    I'm good with Spring too...i'm easy.
  • moosemoose alces alces
    I think he is saying there no sat in Oct or Nov now.

    Venue across the road?
  • BankItDrewBankItDrew Full PFC Member
    My team is pretty flexible with dates and venues. Count us in for anything.

    I too, greatly appreciate the effort to put this together. Thanks man!
  • compueasecompuease Administrator
    No idea about the venue across the road. I don't want to get into looking for new places.... What about a Sunday for the fall? Any serious objections?
  • Sundays in the fall don't really work for me.

    I think if someone besides comp is willing to put the work in to find and secure a new venue that might be the best solution. Failing which we just wait until next spring.

    Shot not!
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