Your going to win sir.

I see you, your not good and now your going to pay for it. You've been playing poker since I was born but I see the squeeze your making right now it's textbook. As a matter of fact Dan Harrington just explained what you did step by step. I look at my stack 43k then look at my cards just to make sure they didn't change... Nope still AA. I'm ALL IN. You look surprised and tank for all of 10 seconds till you say "I guess I'm pot committed" and call a fifth of your stack 33k with 10d4d. As I stand up I say nice call your going to win sir.

The flop. 10s 10c 4s Turn 7s River Js

Out in 16th place out of 129

Anyone have any rope I can borrow? Or a hug lol


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